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Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Insertion

hormones bhrt-01

Step 1 BHRT - Pellet Insertion Set-up

hormones bhrt-02

Step 2 Typical Comfortable Patient Positioning

hormones bhrt-03

Step 3 Area Appropriately Marked and Prepped

hormones bhrt-04

Step 4 Insertion Site Injected with Local Anesthetic

hormones bhrt-06

Step 5 Pellet Insertion Trocar is Advanced

hormones bhrt-07

Step 6 Example Photo of a Testosterone Pellet

hormones bhrt-08

Step 7 BHRT Pellet(s) Inserted

hormones bhrt-10

Step 8 Steri-Strips and Small Sterile Dressing are applied.

hormones bhrt-11

Procedure is now complete.